London Life/Lives



 I moved from York to London in 1973.  Since then, it's been a joy to discover that many of my ancestors lived here in the 19th century and that some, like me, came from Yorkshire.


I decided several months ago to write mini biographies of my ancestors, starting with the London ones.  This, in turn, has kick started an interest in Victorian London.


I've begun with the story of my great, great grandfather William Snowball Walker, the Yorkshire farmer's son who became London's premiere maker of white iced wedding cakes.  Other stories to come will include the Scorrar family of Limehouse, makers of whaling goods; Susan Julia Morris, a far from typical Victorian women; and of course the Listers of Maltby and Sheffield.




I've not updated this site in a while.  Too much work, not enough time for other things.  But I'll add more to the site before long.


Monday 31 May 2010:  Finally, cracked a key bit of Susan Julia Morris/Julia Hyde's history that's been eluding me for months (the second of her three marriages).


Tuesday 20 July 2010: Added a new page on Yoshio Markino's paintings of Edwardian London.


Added a photograph of Stanhope Street to the page for Richard Higgs.


August 2010:  Visited Yorkshire in search of Snowballs Staveleys and Walkers.


Saturday 18 December 2010:  Can't believe it's nearly the end of the year! Updated the page for William Snowball Walker, adding more information about the Snowballs and William's sister Isabella and brother Henry, correcting some errors in the original account.


Sunday 12 June 2011:  Started to write up the story of Susan Julia Morris.  Also discovered that William Snowball Walker died 2 years earlier than I thought, and in Hull not London. 


Friday 9th September 2011:  Added a lot more information about William Snowball Walker's ancestors, siblings and children.


Saturday 4th February 2012:  Lots more new material added on William Snowball Walker and Susan Julia Morris and her children and grandchildren.  More to follow.


Monday 6th February 2012:  Attempting to transcribe the Will of Robert Snowball (died 1806) written in an inpenetrable italic script.